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    The Coding Train YouTube channel is full of creative coding video tutorials. Their Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript series inspired me to use HTML-based JavaScript charts. In the past, I have used the R programming language to perform statistical analysis and data visualization. While R is making significant progress in the web development space, nothing beats using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    In this example, I used all four languages! First, I cleaned up the data using R. Then, I used the Chart.js JavaScript library to produce the visualization. Finally, thanks to HTML and CSS, you're able to view this post within your browsers window!

    I accessed the data to make the above line chart via the TidyTuesday community of practice, a weekly data project aimed at the R programming ecosystem. You can learn more about the dataset and the authors here.

    Please note that you can add or remove departure types by clicking the type(s) in the legend located on the bottom of the chart.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Until next time,